Collaboration Legacy, Part 2 (Now of only 2)

My game done fucked up and I lost about 4 hours of real – life playing time in this save file. So I’m just going to post the pictures I took during that time, then let the next person continue the legacy. I’m honestly just too frustrated to even bother playing that through again.

Anyways, Part 2:


My mixology skills were slowly increasing. The more comfortable I became behind the bar, the more fun tricks I learned, the more money I made moonlighting in different bars and clubs.


I even started creating my own unique drinks.


Jun and I still had that chemistry, and when things were good, they were really good.


But when they were bad, they were equally bad. We just couldn’t seem to get along.


“You’re such a slob, Jun! Can’t you clean up once in a while?!”

“Are you fucking kidding me? The only reason you’re even here in my apartment, Chase, is because you fucking knocked me up!”


I lived for the nighttime, when I could escape and go work behind the bars.


I had a lot of fun, sometimes even doing exciting things like bringing matches or blowtorches into my mixing.


But when I’d come home early in the morning, June would be waiting for me, grumpy as fuck.


“What the hell are you doing every night, Chase?”

“It’s none of your business.”


“You’re a father now, you can’t go off every night, doing god knows what-“

“You don’t own me, Jun. You can’t tell me what to do!”


“Oh really?”


“Get the fuck out of my site. I can’t stand you anymore.”


Fights like these were how Jun got pregnant, again.


Grant grew up, unfortunately, to look just like me. Jun and I both hated it.


We had high hopes for our next child….


…And was not disappointed when he was finally born.


I didn’t think I had ever seen Jun so happy.


I tried spending time with Grant, teaching him his skills…


But I just didn’t like him very much. We couldn’t connect, and I couldn’t get over the fact that he was pretty much an exact carbon copy of me and my alien father, a constant reminder of who I was and where I came from, despite how hard I had tried previously to get away from that.


Jun helped sometimes, too, although I know she felt the same way about him as I did. We were both stuck together, raising this alien kid we both never wanted.


Things got worse as Blade, our second child, grew older….we discovered more and more things about him that reminded us of his brother. It was rather unnerving, and Jun sunk back into her depression.


I went back to the bars.


I was becoming a real hit with the regulars. I decided that one day I should open up my own bar.


The kids started school. Their teachers told us that they were indeed smart, but severely lacked any kind of motivation. I didn’t really care a whole lot. I didn’t even start school until I was a teen; they’d be fine.


Blade continued to freak us out more and more. We weren’t sure if it was they eyes, or the lack of any type of hair, or what.


Welp, sorry for the super lame, ending. But that’s all I have. Next update will be from the Hastings, so at least there’s that.

Happy Simming, everyone.


About felicisrose

I've been a Simmer since I was just a wee tot, playing the original Sims. :) I love the game and the endless possibilities that are in the Sims 3!
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